What Are Stock Photos – the Definitive Guide to Stock Photos and Royalty-Free Licensing

What Are Stock Photos – the Definitive Guide to Stock Photos and Royalty-Free Licensing

Stock photos are images taken by professional photographers who capture them with the intention to portray a wide variety of themes & topics and make them available for commercial use. The term ‘Stock Photos‘ encompasses a broad spectrum of imagery that ranges from pictures of places, landmarks to lifelike images of everyday events like that of a Couple having a conversation or theme-specific events as that of a Businesswoman giving a presentation to colleagues. Stock photos can be licensed by anyone from stock photo websites that usually maintain a vast library of images and let users search & pick the best images matching their needs.

Who Uses Stock Photos

Who Uses Stock Photos

From individuals to large business houses, everyone utilizes stock photos in a variety of avenues that includes using them in websites, apps, social media pages, marketing campaigns & more. Stock photos offer a great deal of flexibility as one can easily decide on the images before licensing them and also save on the cost & effort of organizing a photo shoot every single time an image requirement arises.

Stock photos are largely used for representational purposes, be it in blogs, business websites or digital advertising, incorporating the right image creates an instant connect with the viewer and also adds to the overall credibility. With stock photo websites offering a massive selection of images to choose from, businesses gain the creative edge in picking visually engaging images that help their content stand out.

Pricing of Stock Photos

Buy Stock Photos

Purchasing stock photos is an extremely cost-effective option for many users primarily because of the affordable prices at which they are available — the reason behind it being the Royalty-free licensing model through which stock photo websites offers these images to users around the world.

Stock Photos & Royalty-Free Licensing

When you buy an image from a stock photo website, you are actually purchasing a license to use that image and not acquire the image itself. Purchasing a royalty-free license gives you the rights to use the image in as many number of projects as you like. For instance, you can use the image on your website, product brochures, and promotional campaigns & so on without having to pay for each use. This is the reason why stock photos are also commonly referred to as royalty-free images. However, it is important to note that the photographer who originally created the image holds the copyright to it, and you cannot resell the image in any way.

Standard Royalty-Free License & Usage Rights

Many stock photo websites in the market offer standard royalty-free licenses for the images that let you use them in a variety of print and digital mediums like

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Presentations
  • E books
  • Advertising & Social media campaigns.

Additional licenses may need to be purchased when images require to be used in merchandise or On-Demand products.

The Best Stock Photos - Where to Find Them

best stock photos

The web is filled with numerous stock photo websites that offer images at varying quality and prices. The best stock photo sites are the ones that provide users with a comprehensive collection of images at affordable price points. Here is our list of the best stock photo sites that have been picked based on crucial factors like Image quality, authenticity & affordable pricing. These industry-leading stock photo platforms source, distribute, and license millions of high-quality royalty-free stock photos making them the trusted source of visual content for thousands of bloggers, websites owners, and businesses around the world.

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