Stock Photos of People

Stock Photos of People – Finding Images That Are Genuine and Relevant

One of the most common yet highly sought-after type of imagery is stock photos of people. These are the kind of images that truly captures the everyday lives of people and authentically showcase the different moods and emotions. The unstaged natural quality of these images is the primary reason why are an excellent choice of imagery for use in blogs, websites, product advertising & more.

Stock Photos That Are Genuine and Relevant

People Stock Photos

The key to finding quality stock photos of people lies in discovering the right stock photo websites that provide users access to a comprehensive collection of people images that are genuine and highly usable. Users often search for stock photos by entering a keyword or a phrase into the stock photo website’s search tab, and the best stock photo platforms are the ones that present the user with an ample set of images that are highly relevant to his/her search topic.

With image quality, authenticity & affordable pricing as paramount factors, below is our list of the 3 best stock photo websites that offer genuine & relevant people images. These industry-leading stock photo platforms source, distribute, and license millions of high-quality royalty-free images making them the trusted source of visual content for thousands of bloggers, websites owners, and businesses around the world.

Top 3 Stock Photo Websites That Offer Genuine and Relevant People Images

Adobe Stock - Best Stock photo sites

Adobe Stock, the renowned stock photo service from the Adobe group, provides users access to millions of high-quality curated and royalty-free photos. Their image collection is one of the best in the micro stock segment. Standard images cost 9.99$ each and can be licensed either by purchasing a credit pack or opting in for a subscription plan.


Adobe’s Credit packs range in size from 5 credits to 500 credits and let you license images on demand . Standard images are one credit each, and these credit packs come with a validity of one year.


They are the best option for anyone who requires images month after month. Subscription plans provide you a specified number of image downloads per month along with the ability to roll-over unused downloads to the subsequent months.

Monthly plans begin at 29.99$ for three images.

Visit Adobe Stock for more.

iStock by Gettyimages - Best Stock photo Sites

iStock by Getty Images is one of the world’s leading stock content platforms that offer millions of high-quality royalty-free images at economical prices. iStock too operates in a similar fashion of credit packs and subscriptions. Their credit packs offer even more flexibility as you can choose to purchase even a single credit to license individual images.

Why They Are Better

iStock offers a unique image collection to its users by combining both regular standard stock photos and millions of hand-picked premium images commonly referred to as Signature images. The Signature collection houses an extensive selection of premium quality stock photos and is exclusive to the iStock & Gettyimages family of imagery.


iStock offers Access – all images subscription plans that give users the flexibility to license images from both the essential & Signature image collections at much lower prices.

All – Access plans beginning at 70$ for 10 images allow you to either mix and match images from both the essential and signature collections or entirely download images from the signature collection thereby significantly reducing the per image cost.

Visit iStock for more.


Stocksy - Best Stock photo Sites.jpg

Stocksy is an artist-owned cooperative stock photo platform that houses a highly curated collection of premium royalty-free stock photos that are distinctive and highly usable. With an exclusive stock image collection coupled with a highly flexible price model, Stocksy is a must visit image hub that will serve your premium stock image requirements at affordable costs.

Why They Are Better

The team behind stocksy is originally the team that once created istock. The platform is true to its primary goal of providing users with an hassle-free experience in finding the perfect images suiting their needs. Their pricing model is highly user-friendly & proves to be one that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Image Pricing:

Stocksy offers its images in 4 different file sizes with the smallest size being offered at a highly usable 866 x 577 px at 15$. All their images fall under the standard royalty-free license that covers extensive commercial use including usage in websites, blog posts, book covers, advertising & more.

Visit Stocksy to begin your image search.

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